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    Rely on Swiss quality with a proven track record in
    the transition from analogue to
    IP-based alarm transmission and
    secure your valuable assets
    in the future as well.




    Save time and minimize risks through
    true simplicity in communicator (SPT)
    installation with our EVALink®InstallerApp™.
    Take advantage of innovative management and reporting
    features that will help you optimize
    customer service and operations.




    EVALink® allows you to take full advantage of
    digital communication whilst providing new value-added
    features enhancing and optimizing customer services and
    operations without compromising
    your traditional services.


Find out what the best solution is for you.


The Sitasys IP alarm transmission solution and services belong to the most secure, reliable and flexible on the market today, exceeding the requirements of the highest grades and classes in both intrusion and fire security.

The EVALink® M2M-Security Platform allows you to take full advantage of the Next Generation Network (NGN) whilst providing new, value-added features that help you enhance and optimize customer service and operations without compromising traditional services. EVALink® offers end-to-end security ensuring data integrity at its utmost.

Are you looking for communicators (SPT) that are quick and safe to install? An alarm transmission system that supports you in tests and troubleshooting, and that automatically generates a commissioning certificate with which you can document your successful installation?

Then use the communicators (SPT) of the ipTNA® Series and transmit the alarms of your customers via the EVALink® M2M-Security Platform to Alarm- and Monitoring Centers.

Are you looking for an alarm transmission solution for your security system that is not only secure and reliable, but that also makes the transmission visible for you?

Then choose the transmission solution from Sitasys and the services of our partners.

Security User

Sitasys offers you strong links for your alarm transmission chain with the communicators (SPT) of the ipTNA® Series and the EVALink® M2M-Security Platform.

The transmission components are not visible to you, but are essential components in your security system.

The communicator (SPT) from the ipTNA® Series installed at your location sends the alarms triggered by your security alarm to the EVALink® M2M-Security Platform in an encrypted form, which then forwards this to the ARC or Monitoring Center. If a transmission path is defective, the alarm is sent to the ARC via an alternative path. These can lead through the mobile network, but also through another geo-redundant EVALink® M2M-Security Platform. This ensures that every alarm arrives, even in a potentially insecure network. Our alarm transmission system also offers you the ability to initiate actions at your property through the switching of actuators, such from the ARC.

With the signed commissioning certificate automatically generated by EVALink®, you can prove what and with which result testing took place during the installation. In addition, various reports are available to you from which you can see whether the requirements of the safety standard concerning the transmission time and the availability were met, at what points in time the transmission was interrupted for which duration and when which alarms were transmitted to the ARC.

If you already have a security system and you would like to or need to adapt the transmission to new circumstances (such as the transition from analogue to digital transmission), Sitasys offers you the optimal solution. You can thus replace the analogue communicator (SPT) with an IP-capable communicator (SPT) from Sitasys or another manufacturer to ensure the alarm transmission via the IP-based network without having to replace your entire security system.

Your benefits:
• Secure and reliable transmission
• Transparent transmission
• Cost effectiveness


The EVALink® M2M-Security Platform, together with the EVALink®InstallerApp™ and the communicators (SPT) of the ipTNA® Series, offers you a quick, safe and simple installation as well as support in testing, maintenance and diagnostics.

Together with our InstallerApp™, the EVALink® M2M-Security Platform offers you the ability to prepare communicators (SPT) for installation regardless of time and place.
You only have to connect the communicator (SPT) itself to the network on site. The communicator (SPT) then automatically connects to the EVALink® M2M-Security Platform™ and gets its configuration data (real plug&play) from the platform.
The communicator (SPT) is ready for operation!

After the installation, the InstallerApp™ supports you in the transmission tests. You are shown directly in the InstallerApp™ whether the alarm you triggered has been acknowledged by the ARC or Monitoring Center. You can also trigger special tests, such as a power failure and connection failure, with the InstallerApp™.

After completing your tests, you will get a signed commissioning certificate from EVALink® that, in addition to the test results, also contains the configuration data of the communicator (SPT). You can therefore prove to anyone at any time your successful commissioning.

To further accelerate the configuration of the communicator (SPT), you can create a configuration template so that the input of the unique ID suffices for fully configuring the communicator (SPT).

Should the communicator (SPT) need to be replaced, you only have to enter the unique ID of the replacement device via the InstallerApp™ to configure it.

Should connection problems arise during the installation, the InstallerApp™ will support you with the diagnostics. You can therefore check the connection status and receive an indication of the possible cause of the problem. Then the InstallerApp™ provides you with a record of the automatically performed tests, which you can have displayed to you and/or can forward to a specialist for analysis. The InstallerApp™ is browser-based and can be run on all mobile devices.

A number of certified communicators (SPT) of the ipTNA® series are available to you, so that you can meet the requirements of different security systems, Should these not meet your special requirements, you can of course also use communicators (SPT) from other manufacturers.

Your benefits:
• Quick, safe and simple installation (real plug&play)
• Place and time-independent configuration
• Testing and diagnostic support
• Clearly arranged property and customer reports
• Commissioning certificate (minimization of liability risk)
• Easy device exchange

ARC & Monitoring Center

EVALink® is an M2M-Security Platform for communicators (SPT) from different manufacturers that adapts and evolves according to your needs.

Most of the IP-based alarm transmission systems in use today are based on a concept from analogue alarm transmission. A communicator (SPT) sends the alarm message to an IP receiver, which forwards it to a serially connected ARC and Monitoring Center (ARC).

In addition to the alarm transmission, the IP receiver monitors the connection to the communicator (SPT) and reports disconnects to the ARC or Monitoring Center.

These solutions do not even come close to exhausting today’s possibilities and they will not meet current and future requirements.

The EVALink® developed by Sitasys is much more than just an IP receiver and a safe and reliable alarm transmission system. It is an ultra modern M2M-Security Platform that combines the following systems into one:

An alarm management system that receives alarm messages from communicators (SPT) of different manufacturers, sends these to different ARCs via different interfaces and, in the event of a failure of an ARC, sends the alarm message to a representative ARC.
 Of course, it also monitors the connections to the communicators (SPT) as well as to the ARCs and sends corresponding error messages to the configured ARCs. And, the transmission between the communicator (SPT) and platform as well as between the platform and the ARC is encrypted.

A device management system with which you can centrally manage communicators (SPT) and check your operating status can centrally control firmware updates of the communicators (SPT).

EVALink®Analytics ideally complements the EVALink® M2M-Security Platform. With integrated data mining, you can link together the freely available data generated by the system and in this way create new applications and services. Using the reporting system, you can make the transmission transparent for you and your customers. And with the monitoring system, you can always get a detailed overview of the operating status of the M2M-Security Platform, the transmission networks and the connected communicators (SPT). In addition, you can already detect and fix problems that may occur before they occur.

With the EVALink®InstallerApp™, Sitasys provides you with a tool that supports you in the configuration and commissioning of communicators (SPT). With the aforementioned possibilities, EVALink® can be ideally adapted to your current and future needs and processes and also offers you opportunities for the development of new services.

Your benefits:
• A tried and tested M2M-Security Platform
• Integration of different communicators (SPT) from different manufacturers
• Alarm transmission through different protocols to different NSL
• A central device management
• “End-to-end” documented alarm transmission
• Cost savings thanks to optimized processes
• Ability to develop new services

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