The M2M-Security Platform EVALink® from Sitasys offers you a reliable transmission of your events via IP-based networks from the event source to the target you define.

The financial risks are manageable for you because you do not need to make any major investments and you can cover the service fees from the sales achieved based on the use of the platform.

We offer you this service through the EVALink® M2M-Security Platform installed in your data center or via the system operated by Sitasys.

We offer a number of communicators (SPT) that ideally support the alarm transmission via the EVALink® M2M-Security Platform.

Our devices of the ipTNA® Series produced in Europe meet the requirements according to EN50131/ EN50136 as well as EN54-21.

A smooth, safe and rapid commissioning is ensured by the EVALink®InstallerApp™.

Sitasys Consulting supports you to find the best solution for your alarming and signalling requirements.

With over 30 year of experience in the industry, we provide professional consulting for the development of your IT environment in order to implement IP based alarm systems, hot stand-by or geo-redundant systems, and M2M solutions – just to name a few.

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