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So that you can take advantage of all of the possibilities of the Sitasys service, we offer you a number of communicators (SPT) – the ipTNA® Series.
Our ipTNA® devices produced in Europe meet the requirements according to EN50131/ EN50136 as well as EN54-21. All of our devices are dual-path devices whose connections are permanently monitored.

The monitoring intervals can be flexibly adapted to the safety class required for the respective application. The alarm transmission takes place at the time of the alarm and not after the request by the receiver. This increases the transmission speed and requires less powerful receiver. Each device has an individual key that changes dynamically.

The manipulation protection is further increased by the use of a proprietary transmission protocol between the communicator (SPT) and EVALink® M2M-Security Platform. All devices have parallel inputs for the alarm transmission between the alarm system (IAS/FAS) and device as well as via actuators for the signaling of faults to the alarm panel or for the remote control of applications.



The EVALink®InstallerApp™ supports you in the commissioning and maintenance of the communicators (SPT).

To execute the InstallerApp™, you only need a browser, the URL of the InstallerApp™ and the permission from the operator of the EVALink® M2M-Security Platform.
The InstallerApp™ runs on any PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet on which a browser is installed. 
 In this way it is independent of time and place.

The EVALink®InstallerApp™ supports you:
• with the configuration of communicators (SPT)
• with firmware downloads
• with transmission tests
• with the diagnostics of connection problems that may occur
• with the exchange of communicators (SPT)

Using the InstallerApp™, you are able to configure and connect a communicator (SPT) to the EVALink® M2M-Security Platform in less than 3 minutes.

Your successful commissioning is documented by an automatically generated certificate, which allows you to minimize your liability risks, among others.




The newest transmission device of the ipTNA® Series, ipTNA4i, is now available and ready for current and future requirements.
The optional Dial Converter Module allows for simple and cheap passage from analog to digital transmission.
Using the exchangeable mobile transmission module UMTS / LTE (3G/4G), you have the option of preparing your mobile communication for the time after 2G deactivation today, or to perform this rapidly through exchange of your mobile transmission module.
The VPN tunnel with can be extended if required provides you with a transparent and safe access to the devices connected to the ipTNA4i.
The ipTNA4i provides you with various possibilities for connecting different devices. Be it via classic physical in- and outputs, the Ethernet interface, the optional radio modules or the already mentioned Dial Converter Module.
The ipTNA4i is available as an extension or stand-alone variant.
The device is currently in the certification process for the following standards: EN50136 burglary alarm systems, EN54-21 fire alarm systems, and the VdS certification.

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ipTNA3i+ is the successor model of ipTNA and can be used as a stand-alone or a built-in solution (embedded in an alarm system). With the InstallerAppTM, the installation and configuration of the device is easy and can be done in less than 3 minutes. With its integrated DialConverter, ipTNA3i+ is ideal for the upgrade legacy systems to modern standards. ipTNA3i+ fully complies with EN54-21 (for fire alarm systems) and EN50131 (for intrusion alarm systems).

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ipTNA3i features the same technical functions as ipTNA3i+, only without the EN-certifications. ipTNA3i is therefore suitable for a secure alarm transmission in places where no normative regulations apply, e.g. in Home-Security.

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E-ipTNA is designed for the installation into an alarm panel. The device has comprehensive technical features. The number of parallel ports can be enhanced with an add-on module. E-ipTNA fully complies with EN54-21 (for fire alarm systems) and EN50131 (for intrusion alarm systems). The device does not support RAS.

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