Switch from analogue line technology to All IP

Initial situation

Current fixed line technology will be decommissioned by the end of 2017. In switching to All IP, Swisscom is laying the technical foundation for the digitalisation of communication. To the extent possible, all customers should migrate to IP by this time. Alarm systems must be upgraded to ensure continued secure continued operation. The old telecommunications infrastructure will be gradually decommissioned beginning in 2018. As of the end of 2020, the 2G/GSM mobile network will no longer be supported.

Solution from Sitasys

There are still a few outdated systems on the market. Sitasys recommends replacing them as quickly as possible.

With the online EVALink®Live alerting platform, Sitasys is offering customers and installers a clear and simple solution for switching to All IP. Depending on needs, different control rooms, services and transmitters is available. This includes the transmission of alarms to private control rooms as well as the transmission of mandatory alarms to the public control rooms of the fire department or police. In the process, EVALink®Live also supports devices from third-party manufacturers with the protocols VdS 2465 and SIA DC-09.

Thanks to the latest generation of ipTNA4i alarm communication or transmitters, today alarm systems can be equipped with 4G/LTE technology. The optional dial converter module allows for simple and affordable passage from analogue to digital transmission.

Sitasys is there to support all customers and installers. Contact us at +41 31 511 01 01 or info@sitasys.com.

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