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Our service

Our service includes the provision, the operation and the continued development of our EVALink® M2M-Security Platform, regardless of which of the following alternatives you choose:

• EVALink® installation in the high-security data center of the Sitasys partner IBM
• EVALink® installation in your data center
• EVALink® installation in your data center and a backup EVALink® in the high-security data center of a Sitasys partner
Regardless of which version you choose, the integrity of your data is ensured. With the certified communicators (SPT) of the ipTNA® Series and the EVALink® M2M-Security Platform, you get much more than just a secure and rugged transmission system for your application. The ultra modern M2M-Security Platform EVALink® combines an alarm and device management system. With the optional EVALink®Analytics™, the transmission is not only transparent for you but you can also document your performance to your customers, develop new services and optimize your processes together with the EVALink®InstallerApp™.

Your benefits:
• Little to no investment costs
• Focus on your business
• Future-oriented solution


The EVALink® M2M-Security Platform

The M2M-Security Platform EVALink® is an open system that can communicate with communicators (SPT) of different manufacturers and with ARC and Monitoring Centers via different protocols. The communicators (SPT) and M2M-Security Platform was developed for applications that required a secure and reliable transmission. Our system is currently mainly used in alarm transmission, but can also be used in other areas where a safe and quick transmission is required.

Your options go far beyond the simple functions of a receiver, which forwards the events of the connected communicators (SPT) via a point-to-point connection to the control center and monitors the connections to the communicators (SPT). In addition to communicators (SPT), which, in the event of a fault of the primary connection, transmit events via an alternative connection, the safe transmission is also supported through the system structure of the M2M-Security Platform EVALink®.

In the following overview, you will find the main performance characteristics of our M2M-Security Platform at a glance:


Your benefits:
• Reliable, safe and proven M2M-Security Platform
• Plug & Play communicator (SPT) connection
• User interface suitable for mobile devices
• Optimized and guided processes
• Connection of communicators (SPT) from various manufacturers
• Data integration and preparation for the ARC and user


EVALink®Analytics™ is a system independent of the EVALink® M2M-Security Platform with which you can optimize your processes and develop new services.

EVALink®Analytics™ combines:
• a monitoring system
• a reporting system
• data mining

These systems already contain a number of features, but additional features may be added as needed.

With the monitoring system, transmission times and connection faults as well as system parameters and occurring error messages are displayed and monitored. On this basis, preventative measures can be initiated that further increase the security and availability of the transmission system. Together with the future integrated pattern recognition, the detection of the need for preventative measures can be further improved and their implementation may even be automated.
With the reports created by the reporting system, the transmission is made transparent for you and your customers. For example, you can
• provide evidence of standard conformity with regard to availability and transmission times to the corresponding bodies
• create alarm and fault statistics per device/location/customer
• display faults per device over a selectable time period with possible causes
• create utilization reports regarding control centers (number of alarms/hour, alarm distribution across days/weeks/years, etc.)

Using the alarm and fault map, you can always keep an overview of the overall situation. Furthermore, the reporting can provide you with the necessary data, such as for your resource planning and the system expansion.

Using data mining, you can gain new insights from the collected system information together with the freely accessible data that you can, for example, use in marketing.

Your benefits:
• Transparent transmission
• Ability to optimize your processes
• Ability to develop new services

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