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Sitasys delivers forensic fingerprint capture and secure data transmission devices to AFIS. In addition to hardware and software products, our specialized crew of experienced engineers provides maintenance and support services. All our products come with the comprehensive, all-round carefree package SLA.



With the MobileAFIS device, person identification using two fingerprints can be conducted location-independently. The only requirement is a Swisscom network coverage.
If there is no GSM network available the fingerprints can be taken and be transmitted to AFIS later. Fingerprints of both fingers are taken with the Single Finger Scanner and sent to the smartphone via bluetooth. The smartphone then transmits the encrypted request in a closed user group to the central AFIS via the Swisscom network. The hit or no-hit result is directly displayed on the smartphone, the complete message is made available in the jMessageHandler.


2-F FastID

With 2-F FastID the identification of persons can be executed in a fast and secure way. The scanner allows the simultaneous recording of two fingerprints, thus preventing a mix-up between the right and the left finger. In order to achieve an ideal recording, the fingerprints are displayed in real time.
An intelligent software automatically segments and rotates the fingerprints, simultaneously testing the quality of the recording. The data is then transmitted to the central AFIS.


WebFIT Flatbed

WebFIT with its A4 flatbed scanner is the classical solution when it comes to digitalization and the transmission of fingerprint cards and traces. The certified flatbed scanner with the corresponding WebFit software allows to scan fingerprint sheets with 1000ppi and to transmit the data to AFIS. The traces can either be scanned or be directly imported as an electronic file.



With LiveScan the capturing of dactyloscopic features is fully digitized. Finger-, palm- and writerpalmprints are recorded electronically with 1000ppi and displayed on the integrated monitor. The system compares the rolled imprints with the control prints in real time. Assignation errors can thus be avoided. Bad quality prints are automatically identified and can be individually repeated a number of times.

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