Sitasys, the Swiss market leader in the area of a centralized fleet management, looks back on many years of successful cooperation with the national railway service provider SBB (Swiss National Railways).

InfoLink™ offers you the possibility to optimize operating costs, increase passenger safety, and ensure smooth mobility by means of efficient communication and vehicle management from a single source.

In 2005, the platform InfoLink™ was launched by SBB and has been constantly developed since then. An expansion with new features was implemented at the end of 2009-2013. In 2013, the transition from a successful regional to a national traffic operation was finalized. Today, InfoLink™ handles the traffic of more than 1’000 coaches. Should you also wish to profit from Swiss quality and punctuality, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to realizing such an application with you.

InfoLink™ – efficient operation and vehicle management from one central location

The implemented platforms connect and monitor local and central parts of the application including video and automatic passenger counting systems, electronic seat reservation (ELSI), identification and localization of vehicles (IFOLOV) as well as a customer information system. New applications can easily be added to the existing vehicle platform. The communication via GSM/GPRS and WLAN between the central platform and the vehicles is encrypted.
InfoLink™ combines CCTV surveillance, the automatic passenger counting system and, if present, the customer information system in a single IT platform. Thereby, the communication and localization resources (GSM, GPS, WLAN) and the system management tools (tracking, software distribution, status reports, etc.) can be shared by all the applications.

Secure encrypted communication and monitoring

The main tasks of the central vehicle platform are to secure an encrypted communication and monitor the operational status of all vehicles. The operation of the central vehicle platform via internet is possible from any office desk via intuitive user interface that runs on any web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer).

Transparent interfaces

The platform provides acknowledged and unacknowledged messages and file transfer as a service for all the applications. Train arrival/ departure messages or requests for video data are thus transmitted. In addition, the transmission of passenger count data, video data, and log files happens via transparent interfaces. This concept allows the prospective implementation of new and customized applications that can use the possibilities of the platform.

Failure management

The central platform concisely displays current vehicle defects in chronological order. The operator is notified and a workflow systematically guides him/her through the incident until the problem is solved.

Nominal/actual control

InfoLink™ compares the actually rolling train compositions with those listed in the target schedule database.

Remote software download on the go

New program, data or parameter versions are stored on a central server and transmitted to the vehicles via InfoLink™. Thus, the remote configuration of individual sub-systems within the vehicles, file transfers from the vehicle to the central platform, as well as software downloads to local systems is easily possible.

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