Electrosuisse is the recognized professional association for electrical, energy, and information technology.



The association alarmeIP associate alarm monitoring centers, manufacturers of alarm system and operation control systems, engineering offices, distributors, providers and installers. The goal is to promote the alarm signal transmission standardized and collectively performing alarm systems.


TCBE was founded on December 13th, 1996 and is an association of companies, educational institutions, organizations and authorities. The goal is to strengthen the topic and the sector telecommunication and informatics (ICT) in our economic area. He coordinates all activities with the Bernese canton cluster policy and promotes the sustainable and solid development in the main area. With its broad and solid base and the targeted activities, is an attractive and strong partner in the field of telecommunication and informatics.



The Swiss Association of Security Systems (SES) includes the most important Swiss companies in this industry. All SES-members committed themselves to varied quality criteria and safety standards. All of them are specialized companies and approved by the Swiss Insurance Association (SVV) and or the Association of Canton Fire Insurances (VKF).



The BDSW Federal Association of the Security Industry represents the interests of the security industry in dealings with political and administrative authorities as well as science and the economy. The BDSW-members are companies from all different areas of the security industry. The main focus is their core businesses and core competencies in the field of security services. All members of the BDSW offer especially high-quality services.



As a direct representative of global and European standardization efforts (through the ISO and CEN respectively), the Swiss Association for Standardization (SNV) is Switzerland’s interface with various other national and international standards networks.

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